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Background Remove. Image masking. Drop shadow. Ghost Memiquin. Color Correction. Photo Retouching. Car editing.

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The Privacy Policy of Design Service Asia

Design Service Asia demands to you provided that your legal data to their entire user. DSA 100% Dedicated with you about your information security maintaining and other privacy policies. Design Service Asia creates the declaration we usage your data and it’s don’t provide any company or 3rd party. We are grateful to you for your merciful support.

What info we collect and store:

We collect your information when you Sign Up/Register our website. We may collect the info to serve you with a quality service.

When you Sign Up Please fill-up the below information:

  • Your full name
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • User Name
  • Country name and location
  • Phone Number
  • Job Title
  • Name of your Company (Optional)
  • Website
  • Billing Addresses

And other similar information

When you register at Design Service Asia robotically lots of information stored our database location about you. For example Name, Email, Name of Company, Browser types, IP Address, Location or Country Name and other cookies related information. Even if you visited our web pages we got some information about you. We want your information a formal way. In future, if you need changes in your information you’ll do it by our support team.

What we do with your info:

Your info we use to the below:-
  1. Customer Support
  2. To meet contractual responsibilities
  3. Update and maintain account
  4. Process your payment security or prevent
  5. Creating a good business connection
  6. To directly communicate with you
  7. For quality service
  8. Quickly process your transactions

Photos of You:

We accept your two types of photos:-

Free trial photos: we accept your free trial photos for fresh clients or fresh jobs. If you’re from the past user no needs your free trial job but if it a new task you can send free trial. We will store and do them.

Raw Photo or work files: Should be sending your raw file for doing them and I assure you that your files are 100% safe and secure. We don’t use your images anywhere and anytime.

Data Security:

Design Service Asia mean safe importance to data security. We cannot find the middle ground about the privacy policy. We don’t share your information 3rd parties and Social platforms. We only use your information to providing quality service.

Data Storage:

We have bulk data storage and the stock capacity is too huge. We’ve contact with the hosting provider for data storage. We are holding our registered client photos and other information until expire or dismiss user accounts.

Children’s Privacy:

Design Service Asia does not own up anyone under the age 18 years. We don’t collect personal data from any children under 18 without a mention to their guardian. If your child wants to take our service Please contact you with us a parent.


Cookies are a small file that inquires you for a document to add your hard drive. If you agree you can be added that and cookies help you to explore web traffics. Cookies help us to repeat web traffics and your browsing history.

Privacy Policy Update:

Design Service Asia if an update or change the privacy policy should be noticed by our users by mail. For concern, we will post details about modifications on our front page and all information took our new process.

Contact info:

If you have any questions about DSA the data security. Please contact us.

Data Security Officer:

  1. M Milon Sarkar
  2. Design Service Asia
  3. Dokin Baluadanga,
  4. House #6353 Sadar, Dinajpur,
  5. Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  6. Email:
  7. Phone: +8801969103816